150 years ago, when the colonists set foot on this strange land Shanghai, the Huangpu River to fancy this beach. So, this is the boatmen and the hard labor was taken to the fiber channel. After a hundred years of construction, tall buildings, busy. The coexistence of classical and modernist buildings, has become the symbol of Shanghai.Bund, north outside the White Bridge, south to Nanking East Road, is about 1.5 km east of relying on the Huangpu ...
Oriental Pearl TV Tower, the designers will be full of fantasy eleven different sizes, the level of scattered series of air balls from the blue to grass green grass, two large spheres and the Shanghai International Convention Center under the tower of the two Earth sphere constitute full of "pearls off the jade plate," the sublime poetic landscape.Oriental Pearl TV Tower by the three Atlas 9 meters in diameter column, the capsule, on the ball, under the ball, five balls, and the square ...
Remarkable 2010 World Expo will be held in Shanghai, the Expo attracted nearly 200 participating countries and international organizations are expected up to 70 million passenger trips. Expo originated in the medieval merchants of assembly, and today the World Expo in addition to commercial exchanges, but also technological, cultural, national exchange and communication, is a show themselves, to understand the world stage. Is a society at that time a record of civilization and wisdom, and ....
Yuyuan Garden is known as "urban forests" reputation, and "Qixiu A in the Southeast," said the south of Shanghai famous classical gardens, with 400 years of history, is a national key cultural relics protection units. Yuyuan Garden is said, usually include several busy streets into the Yuyuan Garden and Yuyuan logo zigzag bridge, pavilion and so on. Zigzag bridge, pavilion: as a sign of the Yuyuan Garden, zigzag bridge length of 18 meters, 2 meters wide. Full-bridge and grass from the white ...
Located in the bustling City God's Temple Tourist Area, Shanghai Old City God's Temple is one of the most significant Taoist monuments in the Shanghai region, boasting a long history of approximately 600 years. Occupying an area of 1,000 square meters, the temple consists of six halls: Huoguang Hall, Jiazi Hall, Plutus Hall, Cihang Hall, City God Hall and Queen Hall.Three Bodhisattvas are worshipped here in the Old City God's Temple, and they are Qin Yubo, Huo Guang and Chen Huacheng. According ...
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